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Entering into CJC, I was a little scared, as it was an ocean of a lot new people and experience. New friends and lecturers, it was a little difficult in the beginning. As days passed by, we got to know each other better, and like other students, I also got adjusted to this environment. The mentoring process by our lecturers helped me clear the smallest doubts, which I thought would be silly to ask in class. They would also show us a lot of videos and pictures that brought in clarity. The Clubs and Associations would organize a lot of activities, competitions and field trips based on students' interests, which helped us to nurture our talents. Lot of other extra curricular activities conducted by our college such as class culturals, XITE, sports day, class party etc., brought us together. Our College Fest and Ethnic Day celebrations were always fun filled. The Value Education classes were really relaxing and interesting, as we students were allowed to put in our views and discuss. Being a part of ACC, we not only improved our Christian values but also tried to reach out to people, who were in need of our help. My two years of journey in CJC have taught me a lot of new things and gifted me a lot of memories to cherish. The amazing campus and infrastructure, did always count in our College life. I was always proud to say I am a Christite! And will always be! Carrying on with Excellence, my Goal and Service, my Motto, throughout my life.

Diana Judith Simon
Student, Academic year: 2013-15

CHRIST JUNIOR COLLGE.. One of the dream colleges of many students, I am proud to say that Im a christite. I personally felt that the teaching as well as the non teaching staff of CJC were co-operative, friendly, and strict. All our teachers, though we used to annoy them, were more like a friend to us & someone we can look up to.. As a science student I enjoyed all my lab hours especially chemistry, we used to finish our experiments & try out something new, or have a small chit chat with lab attenders. CJC if described in a word I think all rounder would be apt because they encourage us not only for academics but also in cultural & sport activities. The most awaited event for which all christites are excited, XITE, the cultural programs, dumbcharades & students running about the college for treasure hunt, it was a complete package of fun. The anthem of CJC, is something which Ill never forget, all those moments we used to sing the anthem it made me feel proud & very special with a chrisite spirit within me. I was a part of CJC only for two years but the memories are much. The care, concern, friendship which we had in CJC, I dont think we can find it elsewhere. TWO YEARS.. INFINITE MEMORIES.

Soumya Mathew
Student, Academic year: 2013-15

The days in Christ Junior College are those pages in the book of my life that I would definitely like to revisit, often. These two years in this great institution has given me a lot to cherish, learn and experience. CJC has the best and most friendly faculty and staff members. Our teachers have been immensely supportive in times of great need. CJC has allowed me to transform and grow into a better individual, also to think and do good to the society as well as for the environment. Christ Junior College is definitely a place where learning meets fun. Finally, I wish to say "Once a Christite, forever a Christite."

Aishwarya M
Student, Academic year: 2013-15


Cosmos Version 4.0 and Magnachrista were held on September 14 and 15, 2012. The two-day mega event encompassed both science exhibition and cultural extravaganza. Cosmos version 4.0 embraced two themes for the year 2012 International Year of Sustainable Energy for All and National Year of Mathematics. The former theme was designated by the United Nations General Assembly recognizing the importance of energy for sustainable development and the latter theme was selected to commemorate 125th birth anniversary of a mathematical genius, Srinivasa Ramanujan. This exhibition aimed to inspire and enable young minds to understand the crisis of energy conservation in the current global scenario as it served as a platform to showcase many innovations, as many as 175 in all, encompassing all the streams. Below are a few links that enumerates the abstracts of projects worked on by the students.

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The representative body of the entire student community is the Student Council.An interface between the students and the administration, the Student Council comprises of one member, selected by the Class Teacher from the class, one member from each club/association, chosen by the Coordinator of Club/Association and Teacher Advisory Committee from the Quality Monitoring Group (QMG). The representative is invited to the discussion forum to share the feedback collected from their classmates in the meetings held once a term. Such feedback loops provide an opportunity for a continuous improvement of the system which paves way to turn the vision of our institution into reality.