Student Development Services

The Student Development Office at Christ Junior College coordinates all the activities of clubs and associations, organizes training programmes for participation in prestigious inter-national and national level competitions

Competitions include Harvard Model United Nation India and Debating Matters India. It also conducts a few major events like class party for outgoing second PUC students and is in charge of the International Gateway Programmes of the college. It oversees the clubs and associations by streamlining their activities, facilitating the budget preparation for the entire year, increasing the effectiveness of their activities by fostering continuous dialogue between different stakeholders to space out their activities adequately to maximize participation, conducting major events in which more than one club has stake, such as, the common inauguration and valedictory of all clubs apart from the stream clubs, continuous assessment to benchmark and improve processes in them and finally, facilitating the preparation of cumulative record, especially the special achievement segment of the same which records all the remarkable achievements of the students in a year.

Student Development Office is in charge of two international gateway programmes - Singapore Immersion Programme and Indo-German Student Exchange Programme. Singapore Immersion Programme is a week long study tour in collaboration with Catholic Junior College, Singapore. The major focus of the study is Singapore’s success story as a nation – be it their civil administration, infrastructure, economy or the ‘livability’. The Indo-German Student Exchange Programme is being organized in collaboration with St. Anna Secondary School, Munich. This year the participants are studying the impact of carbon footprints in their day to day activities.