Attitude changes, an increasing self-consciousness, dissatisfaction with one's body image, peer pressure, identity crisis and the desire to belong are just some of the legion of issues that comprise growing pains.

Adolescence is a transition phase of stress and storm and the Counselling department at Christ Junior College tries its best to make this change a smooth experience.

Apart from going through the process of physical and mental growth, students often face challenges from various sources, be it from home or the world at large. We, at Christ Junior College understand that this period of their life is one that requires a great deal of positive re-enforcement and unconditional care.

Our counsellors ensure support and guidance in an environment of comfort and confidentiality, where students can talk freely about their concerns, difficulties, thoughts and feelings. Through the personal counselling offered here, we aim to enable students to balance all the spheres of their life and achieve academic excellence and develop a positive personality. At Christ Junior College, the role of a Counsellor is to motivate and empower students by promoting the development of highly effective and adaptive behavior.

    Focus Areas
  • Personal Counselling
  • Family Counselling
  • Group Therapy Sessions

We also conduct awareness programmes for parents on guiding tips for good parenting as well as workshop on motivation.

Wellness Centre

At Christ Junior College, the wellbeing of our students is of great importance. We have a fully operational, clean, well stocked wellness centre where students can recuperate if they do not feel well.

Our registered nurse renders her compassionate care and expertise to students who feel under the weather and also dispenses basic medicines and First Aid. The Wellness centre functions from 9:00 am till 2:00 pm on Monday to Friday.