Associations and Clubs

Music, Theater, Dance and the Visual Arts are areas that each student needs access to as part of an educational programme. It is this component of education that on retrospection in the future brings so much joy and a sense of accomplishment.

It is the opportunity to blend creativity with facts that makes the learning experience truly real, alive and tangible. In order for this creativity to be fostered and to find for itself an outlet, we have myriad clubs and associations for the students to be a part of.

The Science Forum

The Science Forum aims at bringing out the scientist in each student through activities like guest lectures, field trips, inter and intra collegiate competitions, student mentoring by various scientists etc. It also conducts Scientia Galore, a week-long celebration of science annually and COSMOS, a mega event comprising of science exhibits and a gamut of competitions once in two years. This event brings many innovative projects done by the students on one common platform which is used for sharing and interacting with other students. It gives an opportunity to interact with many scientists from prestigious research institutes. In this two-day event, students participate in a variety of competitions organized at the intercollegiate level. Science Forum also facilitates the smooth conduction of Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) training programme for the students and encourages them to take up careers in science.

Social Sciences Association (Spectrum)

Spectrum helps students of the Social Science stream to channelize their creativity and organizational skills through exhibitions, newsletters, guest lectures, field visits as well as various stage, literary and art events.

The Commerce Association (Colossus)

Colossus is an endeavor of the Commerce Department to orient the Commerce students towards the business arena and its related events. The Comlette, its official newsletter is exclusively by and for the students who actively contribute to it.

The Association of Christian Christites (ACC)

The Association of Christian Christites caters to the spiritual needs of the Christian students in Christ Junior College. An annual retreat, prayer meetings along with leadership camp and development programmes are conducted by the association in its attempts at enabling students to lead a meaningful Christian life.

Eco- club (Prakruthi)

The Eco Club is a nurturing ground for young environmentalists and aims to create awareness about the conservation of nature. The club plays a vital role in sensitizing students about various environmental issues. The Zero Waste campaign is one of its most successful initiatives on campus.

Language Association (Prerana)

The Language Association Prerana, hones the various language abilities and skills of the students while providing them a platform to exhibit their flair for the language in various competitions. The 'Kavi Sammelan' is one such forum for budding poets to present their poems.

The English Literary Club (Pierian Spring)

The Pierian Spring is for the vibrant youngsters of the college who possess a flair for literature and the performing arts. Theatre, public speaking, creative writing, phonetics, movie screening, film appreciation are only a few of its many offerings.

The Quiz Club (Sedes Minerva)

Sedes Minerva, the Quiz Club functions with the aim of creating a balance in the knowledge and awareness possessed by students. Periodic quiz sessions are held with this agenda in mind and training programmes are conducted as well. The club conducts C-Quest- an intercollegiate quiz fest every year.

The College Brass Band

The college brass band, a musical ensemble performs on all special occasions like College Day, Graduation Day, General Assemblies etc. Band practices are held every week under the supervision of a coordinator.

The College Choir

The College choir comprises of students from various disciplines who are united by a common passion for music. The choir receives a high standard of musical training and performs for various college programmes as well as in and around Bangalore.

The National Cadet Corps (NCC)

The College offers training for both boys and girls under the Army wing of the National Cadet Corps in the campus. The training programme includes around twenty parades in a year on Saturday afternoons, training in drill, map reading, weapon training, social service, parasailing, horse riding, bike expedition and others. All I PUC Students are eligible to join the NCC.

Centre for Social Action (CSA)

The Centre for Social Action is a Students' Movement for a Humane and Just society with the child as the focus. Various activities like rural exposure camps, publications, street plays, International exchange programmes and child sponsorship are conducted by the Centre for Social Action.

Campus sports

"Play is the only way the highest intelligence of man can unfold", said Joseph Chilton Pearce. To unleash this intelligence that is dormant in our students, we support and motivate them to participate in the various sport activities at college. We have separate courts for basketball, volleyball, football and hockey. We also have a cricket pitch for cricket buffs and facilities for throw ball as well. Selections for the college team are held at the beginning of the academic year. Special coaching camps are held for major sports like football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, cricket and throw ball. Our students are encouraged to participate in inter-collegiate, state, national and international level competitions. The annual sports event held for two days provides students a platform to participate in marchpast during the inaugural ceremony. It also includes a host of sports events like athletics, shot-put and the like in which students compete and prove their talent. Magnasports, our inter-collegiate sports fest is one of the many opportunities for exhibition of sportsmanship by our students.

Tech Club

The Tech Club is one of the most active student clubs at Christ junior college. We aim at educating the student community on the latest trends and skills in technology. Tech club provide opportunity for students to learn modern technologies like ROBOTICS, designing Drones, android app development and many more. Tech club boosts the circuit building and analysing skills through the project making competition.