College Achievements

Centum Galore!

When you give a 100%, you receive a 100%: Christ Junior College proudly acknowledges its centum holders in the Karnataka P U Board Exam. The students of Christ Junior College (CJC) have scored centum in most of the subjects of II PU Annual Examination of March 2014. While all the Science and Commerce subjects recorded centum, Pyschology was the only social science subject that recorded centum.


Students Conceptualize the Solutions for the Global Issues at Christ Junior College MUN

Nuclear proliferation is one of the major challenges posed to the present world and nuclear weapons to this day remain the most threatening factor to world peace. The frightening aura of the age of nuclear weapons accentuates the possibility of warfare between nations. At this point, it is important for every citizen of the world to realize the consequences of a nuclear arms race.

Bearing this in mind, this year CJC Model United Nations is being organized with the foresight of educating the young minds about the challenges faced by the global society. CJCMUN is proud to be one of the first in India to simulate the Nuclear Suppliers Group, a group which seeks to contribute to the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. Through this we hope to instill in the future citizens of India the importance of a peaceful, safe and non threatening environment in carving out a better future. In addition to this, the General Assembly, Security Council and the United Nations Development Programme will also be simulated. CJC MUN 2012 expects to host around 300 delegates of the finest standard. The event will witness the presence of the former diplomat Alan Nazareth as our Guest of Honour. Mr. Nazareth was keynote speaker at the UN General Assembly’s meeting on World Non- Violence Day this year.

Since its inception in 2008 as a single committee, intra-college event, CJCMUN has grown to a much-awaited intercollegiate Model United Nations conference in the MUN calendar of the city.

Another exclusive feature of CJCMUN 2012 is the celebration of Indo German bonhomie. Christ Junior College was selected for the Indo German students Exchange Programme facilitated by Goethe Institute and funded by Robert Bosch Stiftung. The College holds the prestige of being the first junior college to be funded by an international foundation.

The Student Exchange Programme was not only an opportunity to promote understanding between nations but was also an effective learning experience. Indian and the German groups went through inventory analysis and quantified the same. The groups generated carbon footprint calculation at the individual level on the areas identified like transport, mobility and power consumption.

The collaboration of CJCMUN and Indo German Students Exchange Programme is an event which aspires to make the youth of our country aware of their responsibility and tackle challenges ahead of them and also emphasizes the importance of coexistence

Student Exchange Programme

Christ Junior College is participating in a Student Exchange Programme with St. Anna’s Gymnasium, Munich, Germany. This year-long programme is initiated by Goethe Institute (Max Mueller Bhavan), New Delhi. Our college is selected by Robert Bosch Stiftung Foundation for the project on Carbon foot print through Life Cycle assessment (LCA). We thank wholeheartedly for their support and encouragement.

The Makings of a MUN Culture

Christ Junior College has been conducting its annual Model United Nations conference CJCMUN from 2008 onwards. From its humble beginnings as an intra-collegiate conference it has grown to become an inter-collegiate conference that prestigious institutions in Bangalore look forward to. This year we are collaborating with UNIC for India and Bhutan and intend to go national. CJCMUN is organised by a student core committee under the supervision of the Political Science faculty of the college who is in-charge of the MUN related activities of the institution. The student committee meets regularly and these meetings turn weekly and then daily as it reaches closer to the D-day. Though MUN is not integrated within the college curriculum due to college's limited freedom in setting it - it is decided by the State Education Board - MUNning is part of the college extra-curricular activities. Christ Junior College had taken part in the inaugural session of HMUN INDIA in 2011 with 16 delegates representing Guinea Bissau and Finland and three of them had won the awards, as well. As the delegates of Guinea-Bissau, Nikunj Agarwal secured Best Delegation in the United Nations Environment Program, Krupa Maria Varghese secured Best Delegation in the United Nations Development Program and Yohann Ninan John received an Honourable Mention in the United Nations High Commission for Refugees. Christ Junior College has been consistently winning awards at all the major conferences in Bangalore, especially Bangalore Model United Nations and Sophia Model United Nations. For instance, in the previous academic year 2011-2012 the junior team won the honorable delegation representing Pakistan at Bangalore Model United Nations 2011 and the senior team won Sophia Model United Nations representing Pakistan. Many individual awards were also secured by our delegates in other prestigious conferences such as the National Law School of India University Model United Nations and Manipal University, Mangalore despite competing against university students.

Rendezvous with Anil Kumble

Rendezvous with Anil KumbleYear 2011, International Year of Forests and celebration of 64 years of India's independence had one thing in common, Mr. Anil Kumble, Chief Guest for the General Assembly to celebrate Independence Day. The Cricketer par excellence and Vice-chairman of State Board for Wildlife shared some of his moments with the CJC students and faculty. The Chief Guest highlighted the hard work and commitment as requirements in order to achieve goals. He also shared his experiences of working with wildlife conservation. He apprised the audience of dwindling number of species, particularly cheetah and sparrows and several causes for their decline such as poaching and habitat destruction and the like. He also brought out the Karnataka Government's role in setting up sanctuaries in Tumkur, Chincholi districts for protecting wildlife. At the end of his inspiring talk, Mr. Kumble urged the young crowd to stand for wildlife conservation by spreading awareness through social networking sites.