Quality Monitoring Group

Quality Monitoring Group (QMG) in Christ Junior College is set up to bring about systemic approaches based on effective implementation and monitoring of various strategies related to all aspects of quality education followed by continuous improvement of the same.

The group initiates various in-house programmes for faculty development focused on strengthening teaching-learning process with a right balance of technology and pedagogy. There are phased out induction programmes for new faculty planned for a period of one year to equip them in all their educational endeavors. Examination reforms, collaborations, forging academic leadership are exclusive areas for enhancement taken up by the group for furthering the possibilities of change and hope. The group also ensures constructive feedback mechanism by networking between various stakeholders and conducting annual assessments, appraisals and surveys.

The Quality Monitoring Group takes up proactive leadership in various systems like assessments, examinations, teaching-learning, student development programmes and Human Resource Management.


Quality Coordinator

The quality coordinator is responsible for evaluating and suggesting quality improvement measures in academic and other functions of the Institution. The quality measures are adopted in the following areas: Review, developing guidelines, systems, procedures, tools for creating regulatory forms, acknowledging student concerns, faculty training and development and evaluation, teaching methodology, examination and evaluation. Coordination also includes recording and monitoring of all quality measures of the Institution including quality audit. The coordinator is also involved in documentation of the new initiatives, projects and developments made by the Institution in academic and related matters.

Quality Team

The Quality Team consists of respective process owners such as Counselor, Heads of the Departments (HODs), Student Services Coordinator, and clubs and association Coordinators. The quality team is responsible for managing the quality within the specified roles assigned. The quality team member however assumes independent responsibility for all operations and functions rested with him or her. The Quality Team is responsible for the review and improvement of the quality aspects within each process. The key responsibilities include: identification and sharing of best practices, coordination of the proposed plans and review of draft procedures, ensuring all staff is aware of procedures and procedural changes and ensuring compliance with the quality standards set by Christ Junior College, recommended by the Quality Monitoring Group.

  • Teaching learning system - Heads of the Departments (HODs)
  • Evaluation system - HODs and Examination Coordinators
  • Holistic development - Value education Coordinator and Coordinators of Clubs/Associations
  • Counseling - Coordinator
  • Student Development Services - Coordinator

Quality Audit Committee

The Quality Audit Committee determines the extent to which the quality management system requirements are fulfilled. It ensures means, so the audit findings are used to assess the effectiveness of the processes initiated as part of quality management system and to identify opportunities for improvement.