The Department Of English

The English department at Christ Junior College generates English learning for holistic and specific purposes through innovative research validated transformative teaching-learning processes, to equip our student community to respond to life confidently. We make English learning fun-filled and interactive while imparting the LSRW (listening, speaking, reading and writing) skills in our classrooms. The department conducts special oral and written communication skills classes for students of the Social Science Stream as well as Group Discussion and Soft Skills classes for students of Commerce and Social Science Stream. Current Affairs classes are also conducted for the Social Science students on a weekly basis. The Department caters to the diverse linguistic aptitudes of the student body in a dynamic and student-centered manner.

The Department of Languages

The youth of India today are exposed to a variety of Indian languages during their life. The objective of the Department of Languages is to enhance the learners' language competency in the LSRW skills and to develop a passion for the language and it nuances. The Language Department offers Kannada, Sanskrit, Hindi and French as languages for study.

The Department of Physics

The Physics department has had its fair share of 'Eureka 'moments not only amidst the faculty but also for the student body. The department boasts of some of the finest academic minds and is constantly updating its knowledge base. Weekly mentoring and Excellent Students' programmes are conducted by the department in its endeavour to chisel a scientific frame of mind for its students. The Department also trains students for scholarship examinations like Olympiad, Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY).

The Department of Chemistry

The Chemistry department stands for continuous learning, innovation and excellence. Be it in the laboratories or in the classrooms, the faculty members ensure that their students receive a comprehensive understanding of the subject and appreciate it. The success of their efforts is evident from the active participation of Chemistry students in seminars, inter-collegiate lecture competitions, debates and quizzes. Training for national level examinations is also conducted.

The Department of Mathematics

Mathematics as a subject has the reputation of giving many a student nightmares. Not so if those students have the Mathematics department of Christ Junior College to help them tackle each sum. The department understands the psyche of its students who face difficulties in the subject and scratch their heads in confusion as the faculty members through their tireless efforts make sure that each student has been made familiarized with the concept. The department is involved in conducting classes in Mathematics as part of Common Proficiency Test (CPT).

The Department of Biology

The Biology Department is a unique department driven with passion to elicit team work, commitment, integrity and dynamism which inspire young minds to unravel and appreciate the mysteries of life and thus serve the society. The department has played a key role in sparking the interest of the students in the subject and has encouraged them to write articles for publication related to life sciences. Under the mentoring of the department, students are engaged with paper presentations and investigatory projects. The department was also instrumental in training students for Bangalore Science Forum Lecture competition and IRIS (Initiative for Research and Innovation in Science).

The Department of Electronics

The world we live in is a digital one and most youngsters are gadget freaks. The passion for gizmos among the youth is tapped by the Department of Electronics and oriented towards a quest towards electronic awareness. The department has played a major role in the driving victories of our students in various Science fests held at the inter-collegiate level.

The Department of Commerce

Life in itself is a long series of transactions and every human being engages in these transactions in almost all spheres of their lives. The Commerce Department strives to bring out the best from students and faculty with commitment to face challenges with dynamism. Various innovative teaching methods are employed by the department in its pursuit to render effective, relevant and up-to-date knowledge to the students. The department organises industrial trips to provide firsthand experience of the realm of commerce to the students. It also caters to the various academic needs of the students through special classes and individual mentoring.

The Department of Social Sciences

Change with the times - this is what society dictates. Change is the only constant in society and as the years pass, man finds his society different from what had existed before. History is re-written, new societies emerge, the human mind stretches to infinite possibilities, governments rise and topple over - whatever the scenario, the department of Social Sciences has got it covered. The department aims to strengthen basic knowledge in subjects of Social Sciences as well as to develop perspectives and inculcate social responsibility. Through panel discussions and field trips; students are equipped with what is happening in the world around them. Apart from achieving academic competency, students are also sensitized towards the society in which they live. Field trips to NGO's and special schools are also conducted by the department.