Academic Programmes

The subject combinations offered are:

Part I- Languages

  • English - Compulsory
    Optional Languages (Students may choose any one of these Languages)
  • Kannada
  • Sanskrit
  • Hindi
  • French

Part II- Optional Subjects

    Social Sciences
  • PPES (Psychology, Political Science, Economics, Sociology)
  • HESP (History, Economics, Sociology, Political Science)
  • HEPP (History, Economics, Political Science, Psychology)
  • CAMS (Commerce (Business Studies), Accountancy, Basic Mathematics, Statistics)
  • CAME (Commerce (Business Studies), Accountancy, Basic Mathematics, Economics)
  • PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology)
  • PCME (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Electronics)

Learning Management System (LMS)

In this era of digital technology, students are exposed to a wide variety of information coming from different sources. It is essential to classify the information appropriately and take what is essential. Electronic Educational Technology also called e-learning (Learning Management System), a software application gathers the essential information to be imparted to the students.

This internet-based e-learning tool has become an integral part of our Institution, which supports the academic growth of many a student. One of the objectives of LMS is to create an environment that is flexible and adaptable so that it can respond to the needs of the participants. The lessons and activities are created keeping in mind social constructionist pedagogy. Students actively construct knowledge as they interact with their environment. Group learning also helps in constructing the knowledge and builds the culture of sharing.

Many advantages are associated with LMS. Some of these are: It reaches a much larger audience, decreases overcrowded classrooms, and brings in blended learning. With an array of resources (page, folder, URL) and activities (assignment, glossary, choice, forum, quiz etc.), both learners and facilitators may walk the path of knowledge. A continuous feedback system is also in place that helps students understand their progress.

To access the LMS, students are provided with a username and password. They may also update their profile by posting information about their research activities and interests. Every user also can also create a blog to share information with others. This new tool can go a long way in imparting skills that can be used in future.

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