Vision Statement & Mission


Vision - Excellence and Service

Excellence and Service are the watchwords of Christ Junior College as we believe that unless we give what we get back to the society, we cannot call ourselves as progressive. Our efforts to grow in the field of education have been relentless and untiring, matched only by our equal commitment towards contributing to society's development. Christ Junior College is dedicated towards channelizing young minds not only towards academic goals but also towards their social responsibilities. This is the right place to grow roots for all scholars with a dream and objective towards various forms of excellence. We provide ample opportunities to nurture and sustain creative talents and multiple intelligences for the service to humanity at large.


"Christ Junior College is a nurturing ground for an individual's holistic development to make effective contribution to the society in a dynamic environment"

The institution provides a home away from home blending academic and social life for students and staff from various social, economic, religious, and cultural backgrounds. We impart education that enables our students’ character formation and development of value consciousness, personal and interpersonal skills, intercultural understanding and intellectual competence while they participate in scholastic and non-scholastic activities. The institution instills the attitude of service and social responsibility that ensures our students are change-makers and community builders of the future.