Our Values


Christ Junior College is founded on the bedrock of five core values that are mentioned in order of the importance that is given to them.

  • Faith in God
  • Moral Uprightness
  • Love of Fellow Beings
  • Social Responsibility
  • Pursuit of Excellence

It is our firm belief that Faith in God will result in the achievement of all endeavours. Keeping this in mind, Faith in God ranks at the top of the hierarchy of core values. Adherence to moral principles ranked second is concerned with rules of right conduct. These two core values work at the personal level. Love of Fellow Beings, the third value at the inter-personal level brings out innate qualities like compassion, love, affection, and care. Social Responsibility, the fourth value at the societal level focuses on individual's contribution towards social, cultural and ecological causes. Pursuit of Excellence at the top of the pyramid is striving to become excellent.