Student Development

CJC Heritage

In order to foster the excellent academic culture, a system of general mentoring was initiated by class teachers and counsellors, which evolved into stronger subject specific mentoring by the teachers.

This was supplemented by motivation sessions since 2008. Some of the modules covered in these sessions were Goal Setting, Coping Skills and Positive Attitudes. At present, motivation sessions are conducted after each term examination taking into consideration the student's strengths and weaknesses based on their performance.

At Christ Junior College, every endeavour is targeted towards the holistic growth of the students. Every effort is taken to stress the triangular relationship that one shares with God and the environment. In the year 2002, a module for a Holistic Development programme was generated which formed an integral part of the mainstream educational curriculum. This later evolved into Value Education programme with various relevant topics like National Integration, Respect for Life, Life Skills, Spirituality etc. From time to time, these modules are revised to suit the current needs of the students. Classes are handled by experts in the field so that the element of value consciousness is taken care of. Scholarships are awarded to the students who perform well in the value education scholarship examination that is conducted annually.

Christ Junior College offers students with avenues for inter and intrapersonal skills development. Group Discussion training, Current Affairs sessions, Youth Empowerment programmes and Theatre workshops are some of the programmes that are made available to the students to hone their skills. Various clubs and associations of students were introduced in the curriculum over the years like Spectrum (Social Science Association), Science Forum and Colossus (Commerce Association), Pierian Spring (English Language Association), Prerana (Language Association), Prakruthi (The Eco club), Centre for Social Action (CSA), Sedes Minerva (The Quiz Club), National Cadet Corps (NCC) and Association of Christian Christites (ACC). Student Welfare Office (SWO) was developed to coordinate the intra-college and inter-college cultural activities.

XITE- Christite's Innovative Talent Expo, an intracollegiate event was developed as a platform for the expression of students' talents by participating in competitions ranging from art, dance, music, theatre and literary events. MAGNACHRISTA is the intercollegiate fest which is held annually to promote healthy competition and exposure of talents on a wider platform.

In order to cater to the sound mental and physical health, we have introduced sports activities like volley ball, foot ball, cricket, basket ball, throw ball, badminton, table tennis and athletics. Along with tapping the intellectual ability of the students, the institution provides ample opportunities and training facilities to its budding sportspersons. Our annual sports meet has students' march past as its unique feature. MAGNASPORT, our intercollegiate sports meet was introduced in 2002 and is conducted annually. Our students have participated at district, state and national level sports meets and continue to bring laurels to the institution.

The college recognizes students' excellence in academics, sports and cultural fields by way of cash prizes and certificates. The various clubs and associations also honour the achievements of the students. We continue to extend fee concession to economically weak students as part of our social responsibility.

Campus culture has evolved into an inclusive self-sustaining system which includes a culture of daily prayer, maintenance of clean and green surrounding, healthy social behaviour and discipline.

Emotional needs of the students are being taken care of for the past ten years by an efficient and well-trained counselling centre. A Wellness Centre with the facility of a trained nurse was added keeping in mind the well being of the students.

The Alumni association was formed to help the students to stay connected with the institution and carry forward our vision and mission.